A “first” happened at the regular meeting of the Vermillion City Council on Monday evening.

The city council approved its first license to grow medicinal cannabis after receiving an application from Dakota Natural Growers at 907 N. Norbeck Street, Vermillion.

Council members received the routine hearing, motion and a report from the Chief of Police on the applicants before making their decision. The license to grow medicinal cannabis is valid for one calendar year and would begin on January 1, 2022 and expire on December 31, 2022.

Cities have the option to issue licenses in accordance with state law and a recently approved city ordinance. Finance Officer Katie Redden noted that Dakota Natural Growers provided all the required information and the staff reviewed the application.

The license to grow medicinal cannabis allows medicinal cannabis to be grown within city limits. A cannabis grower is considered conditional use in the GB General Business District (greenhouse) and GI General Industrial District (agrobusiness), both of which require a conditional use permit.

Dakota Natural Growers is located in the GI district. A conditional use permit for the site will be examined at the meeting of the town planning and development commission on December 13th.

According to the police chief’s report, seven of the eight background checks were from the DCI in South Dakota and none from the FBI. Chief Betzen has stated, according to Red-den, that the seven applicants have not been charged with a disqualifying crime under city ordinance or state law.

Dakota Natural Growers must also apply for and obtain a state license before they can operate their South Dakota grow facility. The state requires the city to approve the license before considering the state license.

The license fee is $ 11,695 that is withheld by the city, Redden noted.

Located on the Highway 50 bypass on the east side of Vermillion, Dakota Natural Growers (DNG) customers will have easy access to the ADA-compliant medical marijuana cardholder dispenser, according to a press release.

DNG is a member of the Cannabis Industry Association of South Dakota (CIASD.org) and has helped proclaim the rules at the state and local levels.

“Dakota Natural Growers’ mission is to grow high quality cannabis and knowledgeable consumers with a socially responsible approach that gives back to our community.”

The board of directors of Dakota Natural Growers, Inc. consists of Vermillion educators, scientists, entrepreneurs, business executives and acquisition craftsmen, according to the press release.

The announcement said, ‚ÄúDakota Natural Growers, Inc. is an education, consumer safety and social responsibility company. We will cultivate grass, knowledge and a thriving community. “