Abide recently opened on Iroquois St. in 1963.

“Everyone at Abide has extensive training and knowledge of the cannabis industry,” said Malan. “One of our partners, Jerred Kiloh, has been in business for over 15 years, including seven years at a successful cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles. He has instructed our employees so that they are very knowledgeable. “

All 15 Abide employees are considered consultants, including three managers and 12 “budget tenders”. Before the pharmacy opened, each of their cannabis brands offered training courses. The products offered in the store come from various appellations in California.

“Our mission is simple: we want to offer our patients the highest quality cannabis products at a fair price from compassionate, professional and knowledgeable staff,” Malan wrote in an email. “With our understanding of the medicinal properties, terroir variations and terpenes of cannabis in our strains, we are your Napa cannabis sommeliers.”

Be aware of using the same terminology as used in the wine industry, Malan said. “We hope to be able to start a Certified Cannabis Sommelier program in the future. Based on analysis and market demographics, we know that cannabis will complement the wine industry. We envision visitors going to a spa or dinner and dropping by to buy one of our products to enjoy later. Not only will you experience wine and great food, but you will also use it before or after to make your trip better. “