WORCESTER – The health department has approved a license for the fourth and final medical marijuana pharmacy in town.

The board of directors licensed Resinate Inc. to a pharmacy at 1191 Millbury St.

It will have 4,500 square meters of retail space.

Peter DeCaro, CEO and founder of Resinate, said the facility had received its final inspection by the state cannabis control board and no defects were found.

Now that the company has obtained a local license, he hopes to do the December agenda for the state cannabis control commission.

DeCaro said Resinate hopes to open its pharmacy soon after receiving final approval from the commission.

The opening times of the pharmacy are from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

DeCaro said the company would eventually bring adult marijuana up for sale in the same location. He said the plan was to get special permission from the city in about three to six months.

Due to the size of the retail space, DeCaro said, Resinate will be able to keep the medical marijuana and adult sales areas separate with separate entrances.

The building is the old Reliable Cash Register building and is about 9,300 square feet in total, DeCaro said. In addition to the 4,500 square feet of retail space, he said, the company will use approximately 2,800 square feet for executive offices and another 2,800 square feet for retail support and storage.

DeCaro said significant investments have been made to renovate the building and improve the site and parking lot.

The other three licensed medical marijuana pharmacies in Worcester are Good Chemistry at 9 Harrison St., The Botanist at 65 Pullman St., and Mission Massachusetts at 640 Lincoln St.

Resinate was previously known as Medicinal Alternatives and was founded in 2015.

DeCaro said the company is locally owned and operated with 13 business associates from central and western Massachusetts.

The company also has a facility in Douglas and is working on opening adult marijuana stores in Grafton and Northampton.

The Health Department does not participate in the licensing of retail marijuana stores in Worcester. This takes place in a separate process, in which a special permit from the planning committee and a license from the licensing commission as well as the final approval by the cannabis control commission are obtained.

The city has set a limit of 15 marijuana retail stores. So far, 10 applications for special permits have been submitted to the planning authority, nine of which have been approved. Of the nine who received special permits, six also received a license from the Licensing Commission.